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It has been my tradition each Christmas to give a specially chosen ornament to each of my two daughters, Tina and Danielle, and I’ve been doing this since they were quite young.  At first, they were purchased from a store, but then I decided to create my own so I could incorporate a personal inscription as part of the gift.  Eventually, hand-painted ornaments like those pictured here became the norm.  Now, my grandchildren also receive a special ornament from Gramma each year to commemorate a special interest, a special event, individual portraits, or just their own decorated name.

Working through a magnifying light, I use tiny brushes to ensure that each hand-painted image has as much detail as possible.  Sometimes, the tiniest stroke has the biggest impact.  When Mark received the ornament of his castle/home, he exclaimed, “She even painted the garage door opener!”  While I was unaware of the identity of the dark spot on the photo, I decided it was important enough to include.  I guess it was.    



Your home is your castle and even if it isn’t as elaborate as Mark’s home, which is fashioned after a European castle, it is special and important to you.  Let me paint it for you on either a flattened or completely spherical glass ornament.  Attractively gift-boxed, it is suitable to present as a gift or for convenient storage.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but a hand-painted image on a glass ornament of that special someone will last a lifetime.  Immortalize a child, a mom, a dad, a grandparent, or even an adult as a child in days gone by.  I can even sprout wings on your little “angel”.

Perhaps you have a pet that adds life and laughter to your days.  This special family member could become a hand-painted image on a glass ornament.  You could choose to have it decorated to denote a particular season, or design it to be displayed all year round.


Oftentimes people hold a particular attachment to a building:  the church in which a marriage took place; an historic building which has been torn down to make way for modern development; an historic building which is being refurbished, such as the Frederick Banting Homestead in
Alliston, Ontario, the image you see here.  You may have a building that is especially endearing to you.  A hand-painted image on a glass ornament is one way to create a timeless memorial for you.

Although the term “ornament” implies a decoration that adorns the boughs of your Christmas tree during the Yuletide season, it is possible to design an image that is non-seasonal, so that your treasure can be displayed throughout the entire year.  Your personal input will determine the theme surrounding your chosen image and all you need do is decide where and how to safely and attractively display your ornament.  You may choose either a traditional sphere (or ball) shape, or an elliptical shape such as the one that appears in the image.  


Custom ornaments $50.00 (S/H to be determined)

Attractively boxed for safe shipping and storage.

Can work from a clear emailed image of your choice. 

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